R e a l   P r o p e r t y   D e a l s   D o n e   D a i l y !

PTNZ are a national group of independent, full time property traders, property developers and property finders.
PTNZ groups meet regularly to chew the fat and discuss property business…
· The PTNZ Auckland Branch meets every Wed between 9am and 11am at Fisher House, 117 Kerwyn Ave, Highbrook ,East Tamaki.
· The PTNZ Christchurch Branch meets every Tues between 5pm and 7:30pm at The Styx and Stone, Northwood, 1 Radcliffe Road, Belfast.
· The PTNZ Tauranga/Mount meets monthly,first Mond between 10.00 and 11am at Coffee Club,Bayfair Shopping Centre, Mt Maunganui.